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Wall Lights

The right wall light fixture can make a room, and Trouva’s community of independent boutiques has curated plenty for you to choose from. Keep things simple with a wooden smart fixture from Ginko, go for a sculptural metal option from Umage, or if you’re after a maximalist aesthetic that would make Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen proud, then Werner Voss’ range of animal wall light fixtures are for you.

Neon Dreams

Take it back to the ‘80s with a wall-mounted neon sign. From individual letters to larger slogans, a neon light not only adds personality but brightens dark corners of a room. The perfect party piece for adding a little drama to your home.

A Natural Touch

Unless you’re going for an industrial aesthetic, hard metals and electrical wires can make lighting fixtures feel a little harsh. Pairing your fixture with a rattan shade or natural woven fibres can help soften a room, giving it a relaxed, bohemian look, and make your lighting just as much of a statement during daylight hours as when they’re turned on. Trusted Site