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About Harold Paris

Welcome to Harold, the parisian boutique specialized in men apparel. We are proud to offer a selection of quality ready-to-wear pieces, shoes, accessories & even fragrances. Located at the heart of le Marais in Paris, we aim to provide a unique sensorial experience. For more than a decade we strived to offer contemporary collections. Our selection is composed of timeless pieces, some strikingly original, but always rigorously picked. Shoping at us is not just purchasing apparel. We work hard to give you personalized advices in a welcoming and cosy environment. Making you feel at ease is our first objective and to achieve that we created a comfortable and intimate space, decorated as your home would be. We are definitely attentive to the feel of the fabrics or the knits on your skin, the subtle distinction of original and unique colors, how the clothes fall on you, how they "move". To us this is where style is to be found, and we are particularly attentive to those small subtle details that make a whole difference. Finally at our core we are very wary of the quality, the pricing and the environmental impact fashion apparel has. Be it the made in, the composition of the fabrics and the ethics of the brand we select, we work hard to find the right balance within those three components, because fashion has to be ethical, of excellent quality and yet affordable to as many as possible. Please do come and visit us. We promise you a welcoming experience where we will try to charm all your senses and accompany you in finding your inner style. Trusted Site