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About Cissy Wears

Nicola Eyre, the Founder and Creative Director of Cissy Wears, personally curates an exclusive selection of ethically sourced products, showcasing a stunning array of colors that go beyond the conventional High Street offerings. While the collection may be more curated and intimate compared to larger stores, each individual piece is chosen with a heartfelt consideration for the customers. Nicola meticulously selects the finest offerings from various brands, ensuring that every item harmonizes seamlessly to construct a sustainable and stylish haven for the contemporary family home. Situated in the vibrant Coal Drops Yard at Kings Cross, Cissy Wears stands as a testament to its commitment to providing a thoughtfully chosen, ethically sourced, and aesthetically pleasing shopping experience.

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From the founder

At Cissy Wears, I've crafted a distinctive and unparalleled shopping experience, curating each item with the utmost love, care, and attention. Just as I would choose items for my own cherished children and home, every product in our collection reflects a personal touch. This commitment to thoughtful curation not only meets high standards of quality but also embodies my passion for creating a truly special and unique shopping destination. I believe in elevating the shopping experience at Cissy Wears, infusing it with warmth and dedication to make each purchase a meaningful and delightful journey for our valued customers. Trusted Site